Lumix GH2 Hack!

So i want to update the firmware of my lumix GH2,  I’ve found some really good patches for the hack and some good tutorials!


I’ve heard that the cards need a faster bit rate, just bought a really nice 32 gig class 10 with 30mbps, for €28!!!!

Has anyone tried the method linked above?

Let me know! 😀


2 thoughts on “Lumix GH2 Hack!

    • I’ve got mine at 42 and it only crashed once, but what may be your problem is the speed of your SD card, Im using a class 10, which honestly only just cuts it because ive tried higher bit rate and i need to get a much faster card! But the 42 is really good. I recently recorded a high profile band took one 18 min clip and had flashing lights loads of movement and it didnt crash or have any trouble at all but thats the longest ive recorded so far, go onto my previous post and look for the link to how i did it at the bottom of the page and you should be sorted!

      I am seriously impressed with the results, for what my level will be and where i aim to be producing work on a professional level its so encouraging to see this little camera go so far! Seriously well done!!!

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