Time Lapse Anyone???


This is the first test i have done using anintervalomitor! Now i dont know if its because i’ve hacked my camera, but wow i have got some major ‘banding’, now i did some colour correction, but this only brought the banding to massive levels!!!

So here is my settings:
ISO- 160
Shutter- 30′ seconds
F Stop- 1.7

I had set it to take one picture every 60 seconds (30 for the shutter to stay open, 30 to process the image) I left it for about 2hrs. i just let it go until the battery died.

But i really cant figure out why the image became so damaged. Just to show people i slowed the piece down so it was really easy to see the damage, hence the lack of effort in the upload!

So please let me know if you know how this happened, how i can fix it in post or how i can prevent it from happening again!



One thought on “Time Lapse Anyone???

  1. Banding is a common problem with the 8bit color encoding on the GH2. Avoid shooting large gradients and smooth color transitions like the sky. Unfortunately it is my understanding that the increased bit rate and gop hacks won’t help this problem.

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