Philip Bloom, Seeing RED!

Jim Jannard has added to the coverage by admiting fault, this was really the only move and im happy that all is right with the film making world again!


“I guess everyone makes mistakes… this one was mine.
A lot has been posted about this so I thought I would clarify from our perspective.aking

This situation is my fault… no one else’s. My apology was offered to Philip and apparently accepted.

Philip has returned his EPIC and cancelled his Scarlet order.

We will not allow any disrespectful posts here on Reduser about Philip or anyone else…

We consider the case closed. Nothing to see here… move along.




Philip Bloom has posted a blog update in which he explains why he returned his RED EPIC, now im not going to do a copy and paste job so just go there and read it.


Now I am a fan of Blooms work, I follow his blog and quitwe a lot of other DSLR related blogs and the general consensus from readers is that i gather is he has been secretly commissioned by Cannon ( to promote the C300) or by Sony ( based on his competition)

I had the pleasure of attending one of his 10 person workshops two weeks ago where he told me about how the shit hit the fan!

Without going into detail, he was not on a secret mission, Philip looked stressed and fed up as he told me about what went on and this is exactly the way it comes across in his blog post!
He does not have a C300(yet) and he only had a brief look at the camera in a coffee shop. so to say that he is promoting it is crazy (I read this on the gh2 hack forum )
If canon wanted him to promote their camera, wouldn’t the logical thing be to ask him to make one of the short films for its big release????

To state that he is working for Sony as some kind of secret saboteur is preposterous, he  was commissioned to make a few shorts for the FS100 push. They just wanted to use his name and skills for a demonstration. The competition that is running to win an FS100, he has barely any involvement, he told me all he does is pick one out of the top 5 that Sony pick out of all the entries.


Now that my fan boy rant is over, i honestly think that the whole situation is stupid. Its just down to a company selling a BETA camera. as it goes its a pretty damn good beta camera! but there will be some kinks. the problem is with customer service.
The coverage that this is getting is crazy, yes i realize the irony that I’m adding to it.
Its not this massive split in the film making world, no need for fights, countless forum posts or trolling. Just a guy who had a bit of a bad run with a beta camera and an ass hole dealing with a customer badly!



8 thoughts on “Philip Bloom, Seeing RED!

  1. Steve, the problem is that RED shouldn’t be selling a beta camera for $80,000! That’s like Mercedes selling you an S-series sedan and saying “We don’t guarantee that this car will actually get you anywhere, or that we can fix it if it does break down.” RED’s customers shouldn’t be responsible for doing QA of its hardware and firmware. I’m amazed that the company has gotten away with it for so long. Perhaps now, RED will be forced to deliver cameras that are actually fit for the purpose that cinematographers are buying them for.

    • I completely agree! He was effectively a high profile tester! At least he had 6 months of a rental for free essentially! But yes it is crazy that they are charging such a massive price for something hat isn’t finished, I’ve heard stories that on a typical shoot you would need to have a few cameras because one isn’t reliable enough. Madness!

  2. I think that RED’s issue surrounds their (constant) slipped dates for various releases. Canon and Sony have caught up with RED when they (RED) were supposed to have been light years ahead of the competition.
    Yes they’re still selling betas, and their nerves are showing.
    Apparently the King has flat feet.

    • EPIC was never really an option for most cameramen out there (unless for a big budget show), thats why Sony and Cannon are excelling! The scarlet isn’t enough! the crop is what kills it for me! Thats something i hate about my gh2 so if im spending 20.000 to have what i need for a scarlet, the crop would drive me insane!

  3. I assume you are talking about the old scarlet, new design scarlet has super-35 sensor but until red start selling production model standard cameras (or get better quality control if they are the finished product !) I think people should buy/rent what fits their needs the most be it Canon, Sony, Nikon or Panasonic.

      • You should stop thinking about “crops” when doing film work. s35 is the standard size and so it doesn’t matter what it looks like in 5d or vistavision formats as the standard is s35.

        You don’t constantly change the abbreviation like still guys do (30mm =47mm in 5d) you just say 30mm and everyone knows in the film world what it looks like. It’s pointless to talk about 1.0 crop as the a lot of the film lenses are designed for s35, not full frame.

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