Amazing New Rode Mic

We all try to find the best options for our on camera audio. When you shoot with a DSLR your stuck with an awful microphone. So our top choices were always Rode in my opinion, I have used and own both the Rode Video mic and the Rode Video mic Pro. They are both fantastic but the problem was, no.1 the ACG (automatic gain control), no.2 the bad codec from for in camera audio. So we would have to use an external recorder, but rode have done a first,

This embodies everything that a DSLR user needs. It has a built in recorder, like a h4 built into the mic itself, it also has a built in headphones jack.

I will defiantly be buying this when its available. it cuts down your kit a little and means less wires hanging off your rig.

Here’s the Deets


2 thoughts on “Amazing New Rode Mic

  1. This is interesting. Ive never seen this mic before. I can’t seem to find much info on it either.

    So it records on a separate sd card so you’ll have to mix it later again.

    It doesnt make it easier for wedding videographers because we need to give raw footage to clients and dont have the time to mix all the sound and footage together,

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