Hacking away at the GH2

So i’ve been sitting on the 88mbs hack on the gh2 for a while now and its served me well. Recently i tried to upgrade to the 176 Driftwood hack, but my cards couldnt handle it. My faster card even couldn’t, i have a trancend 32 gig class 10 45mbs.

I’m an avid follower of EosHD, so i wanted to try the 88mbs Intra hack. I must say, I hated it. I read that Nick Driftwood of the Driftwood hacks called them bastardized versions of his hacks, I must agree…
The footage look just as good as my previous 88mbs hack, I couldn’t notice much of a diff with the Intra side of things but the real problem i had with the hack was that it kept crashing on my camera. I would shoot for an hour or so, then it would tell me recording was canceled due to the speed of the card, this happened a few times on a 3 day shoot.
Then of course the annoying thing was  a pot luck if you were able to playback in camera what you just recorded. Insane.

Now to get to the juicy bits..
Panasonic need to employ Nick Driftwood, what he has done for the GH2 is incredible . With my failed en devour to the 176 hack, i tried a few but the one i landed on was the TerraQuake, meant for cheap class 10 cards.

It records at 160mbs , so this means we dont have to spend €100 on a 32gig 95mbs to reach the c300 levels of resolution. we can buy these cheap €30 32 gig class 10’s and have amazing res!

The only drawback is that at 160mbs we only get about 30mins footage, but at €30 a pop for the cards we can buy a few of them and again get truly amazing results from this camera!

I’ll post some tests and results of my findings pretty soon.
I’ll be testing it on a Tattoo Mini-Doc and an Action Short!



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