My 550d came in the post today, been playing with it since half 10 and i must say, the camera out of the box is quiet shite! I bought the camera last week from Digital Rev, only cost €459 for the body and free p&p!

The video features are pretty limited, really limited ISO’s and no real on screen information (none that’s useful at least!)

Ok so why did i buy the camera knowing its downfalls?
Because with the magic lantern hack and cinestyle picture profiles its a completely different camera!

The installation process of the hack was really simple, quiet like the gh2 hack installation, except for one thing. The hack is installed and booted from your sd card every time. Only a few kb on the card and doesn’t interfere with the operation or workflow of the camera or post work

The main things that impress me are(cant say they’re good ,as i haven’t tested them extensively)
But the disabled ACG and the large choice of ISO’s are probably the best for me!

You can lock your shutter to avoid the accidental slip which changed it and gives you an awful flicker.
Histagram, Waveform chart, HDR Video, Focus assist, Zebras and of course Audio Levels!

Some of these thing the GH2 already does, but this camera is now a great camera but it wont be able to measure up to the GH2 with a high bit rate!

I’ll be using this with my GH2 for a Tattoo Mini-Doc in about two weeks so that should put the 550d through its paces!



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