New Firmaware 1.11 Hacked!! – GH2 Keeps Getting Better








The gh2 has just stepped up again!

Vitaliy Kiselev, the pioneer of the GH2 hack and moderator of PersonalView, has just released a new version of the GH2 hack,  its an update of the PTools programme used to hack the gh2 firmware, now  for the new Panasonic V1.11 firmware too!
The latest version of PTools basically makes some improvements AVCHD related patches and updates some of the classic GH2 patches. I appearently has better noise reduction too!!!

The big draw of the new firmware was the 25p/1080 but it was in a 1080i wrapper, the hack does not fix this, which is a pity. The good thing is that the bit rates can also be increased on this, as to be expected!.

As this is now a new playground for GH2-ers to play in, its going to take some time for us to work out kinks, see what can be done and find the limit. It might even add some interesting new features to the already fantastic  patches that are out there, but of course this doesnt make the classic tried and tested patches obsolete they will still work fine in the new PTools.

The GH2 just keeps improving. there is a theory that the minute a piece of technology is produced that it is immediately obsolete because of how fast technology moves, this is camera is one of the few exception to the rule. It is an exciting time to be a film maker and an even better time to be a GH2 owner!

The new PTools v3.64



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