Beneath My Skin – Documentary shot on Hacked GH2 and 550D Running ML












At Long last my Tattoo Short Beneath my skin is finished! Shot in a day with the beautiful and extremely talented Tattoo Artist Christine Tobin

Check out the video and how i shot it after the jump

Here it is my little mini doc. Beneath my skin.

The Kit.

I only had 2 lenses for this shoot the Lumix 20mm f1.7 and the nikon 50mm f1.8.
The two camera that i used were, of course the Lumix GH2 hacked with a modded version of the Driftwood terraquake patch, i set the 24L setting to 44mbs so i could record for long times and not  have to used loads of cards.
I also used the Canon 550D, Running the latest version of the Magic Lantern Hack.

1 Red head as a back light
1 5500k 125w large  Soft Box
1 5500k 125w

Also used a large reflector/skrim defuser to soften my fill light

The main shot, (over head angled down)
Reason for shooting like that?
The whole idea is to make it personal, have something different and interesting, but most importantly to have you focus on everything the subject says.
I shot this on the Lumix Wide open with the 20mm F1.7. I wanted to have her mouth sharp in focus and have her tattoos in shot but out of focus to not distract you from what she is saying.

As you can see above i mounted the camera on the Kanova Slider, the photo above as before i adjusted it. I raised it up higher, higher than the tripod could go. I was also able to leave the camera mounted on the slider, for the timelapse and the final shot of her speaking.

The overall feeling i had with shooting on the gh2 and 550d was that i wish i could install cinestyle on the GH2. The grading was really important on this piece to have as much control of the neutrality as possible. I needed to be able to crush the blacks but keep the detail in the darks of her hair, but most importantly be able to bring up the saturation to really make her tattoos pop!

The  audio was captured in two ways, i plugged the Rode VideoMic pro straight into the GH2 for all the sit down stuff. but i also used the Tascam DR-40 to capture the audio as a back up!

I ended up shooting about 60% of the overall piece on the 550d.
This was also because i preferred to local length  of 80mm on the 550d. Since then i’ve gotten two more lenses the 35mm f1.4 and tokina 17-50mm f2.8, if i had these when i was shooting, I would have used the gh2 a lot more.

Next project is going to use all the stuff i mentioned in this post and a lot more, its a super natural action short.

Stay Tuned!



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