Lit Film Fest! 2012

The Limerick Institute of Technology are host to one of the most exciting events of the year. The LIT Film Festival!

Read more about this exciting event that will really put Limerick on the map as a media hub and a place for talent in the industry.

This year they have really pulled out all the stops to put on one of the best video/film events limerick has seen for some time. The 3 day event is sponsored by Sony, who have graciously given the fantastic FS100 as the prize for the Best Overall Film.

There are incredible workshops run from thursday to saturday from industry professionals.

Most of the DSLR users out there  will know the F-Stop Academy, the main man behind that is Den Lennie (also one of the big movers and shakers for the FS100)
He is running two workshops. One about how the fs100 has ad an effect on the industry as a whole and one on the F3 and how it can be used for massive multi-cam live events.
Head over to the Lit film Festival site for all the details on the other great workshops, including Acting, Make up, Directing and editing.

Im also nominated 8 times for 7 awards, including 2 for best overall film! So fingers crossed! The FS100 is one of my dream cameras, so i really hope i win! 😀

So please come down support this amazing festival, support limerick, support Irish film and support the Film Makers of the future!


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