The GH2 and the Future… GH3!

Over at EOSHD.COM I read about the GH2 coming out number 3 on the blind taste test equivelant of the video world at the zacuto revenge of the great camera shoot out. Damn impressive stuff! Check out the details after the jump!


Not to repost but i’ll just copy a bit for reference;

The pleasant surprise was that place 3 was the hacked GH2. This generated much discussion and even some crusty old pro’s were very impressed by the GH2′s image quality.

RED Epic, C300, F3 and the FS100, for several reasons, were competent but did not overly impress me… or many others going by the general discussion. As someone else commented, it’s quite possible that the color grading was more responsible for this than the cameras per se. The C300 colors were poor (with a greenish cast) while the blacks on the RED Epic were crushed. The F3 and FS100 appeared somewhat “bland” for lack of a better term.”


For a camera that costs about €600 to beat the red epic which is about €60,000 or the F3 or C300, is just unbeleavable! This is kind of the ‘little camera that could’. It had a strong base with the GH1, it came out around the same time as the 5d mk2, but the 5d really took over and left the GH1 in the dust!

Then came the GH2, honestly, nothing special, a good camera that had the promise of being hacked. Don’t get me wrong i liked it and it was a nice little camera but again, nothing special. Then the amazing people over at personal-view had their way with it and turned a TV dinner into a 5 star cuisine, but more importantly, a real cinema tool to shake the industry.

FOX and CBS have started using the GH2 with the EX3 and others for their links to ENG’s and for their on site stuff, quite impressive. But this Zacuto test has really pushed this camera up even more i cant wait to see the in depth details of how it was shot, what lenses etc.


But how much further can they push the sensor over at personal-view? They’ve reworked the matrix engines and pushed the bitrate to crazy levels, proving the sensor packs a serious punch!



We’re looking for a GH3 late this year, its going to have a big shoes to fill but on paper its looking good. It has some added features like weather sealing, electronic shutter, new lens options (powered) and more…

The Specs for the GH3 looks like this;

– Weather sealed
– Electronic shutter
– Constant Preview, now available in A-mode, S-mode and P-mode.
– Better dynamic range

– Faster burst buffer (w/ dedicated shutter button)
– Flash burst is now available
– PIP focus (on/off)
– 480p @120fps
– PC tethered support
– New var. movie rates: 600% and 1200% (timelapse purpose)

All of this looks pretty good! so here’s the down side, were going to have to sit on our hands while the genius’ to work their magic. Hopefully there will be a promising video mode for all of us to check out. Panasonic have said they want to focus on low light for this camera but honestly, when you compare it to the FS100 or the 5d mk2/3 how can it compare? well time will tell! but until then, I’m still hopelessly in love with my gh2’s incredible image!








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