A few things to make you more Professional

These are just a few things that i have noticed/changed to make me more professional and get more work!

1. think about where your market is and what you post on it.

By this i mean, if you have a facebook or twitter where you are advertising yourself as a business or you are friends with other professionals/ future customers, you have to separate your content. The overall point is be professional. Act as if everything you post on those sources WILL be seen, so be sure you are happy with potential customers seeing what you post.


2. Look the part!

If you turn up to the job looking like a sweaty student, you’ll be treated like one. Be fresh, look smart and again, Professional


3. Stop using DIY equiptment!

I know for budget reasons its not always possible to buy the real equipment, but let me give you an example of how a DIY slider let me down in the past. I was making a short film, with professional actors. in i come with this block of wood, bockedy rails and wobbly tripod screw mount. Not only did it look bad but the rails obviously were not that smooth… really bad, i had to keep saying “sorry we’ll just go for another one”, it was embarrassing to have to keep asking for the professionals to keep doing the take. So my stance is to just to save up and buy the real things. You can buy most of the stuff for really cheap on ebay! So go for it!


4.  Go The Extra Mile!

If the client asks for it give it to them! Really make sure your work looks damn good, it wil get you more work if people see that you give it your all.


5. Bussiness Cards!

You can get 250 of them on Vista print including P&P for €20. It’s cheap but my god has this been handy for me. leave them in businesses, hand them out to clients (they will probably give them to others, giving you more business)


Every one of these are new things that ive changed about the way i operate and this has started to create good word of mouth about my work. Thats the important thing, im still working on all these things but i just though id share it  and it might help others!




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