New Exciting Project!

Find out all the news on the new short film im shooting next week!

In the coming week I’ll be Shooting a short film based on Mens mental health.

The film revolves around a man who slowly crumbles under the weight of his depression, until he feels as if he is engulfed by the flames of his turmoil.

This isn’t my project. I met the writer/director at a meeting for Limerick media professionals called “Behind The Scenes”. She asked me to come on as a Director of Photography and then later of as an Editor. This will be the first time I’ve shot something where I didn’t have my hand in every honey pot so to speak. It’s exciting to be able to walk on set and know that all the actors, costumes, props, set dressing etc, has all been taken care of!

It will be shot 80% on the GH2 and 20% roughly on the 550D.

There’s a certain amount of challenges that come with this project;

1. It takes place all in one room, so finding interesting ays to shoot it without getting the same hots over and over again.

2. It’s going to be a confined space so lights will be tough to hide

3. The end of the film will have real (controlled) flames, on a second set.

I’ll be taking the role of the technical director, while the writer will take care of the performances from the actors.

I want to give the film a close, moody and intense look. Build pressure as he descends into darkness.

As the shooting takes place next week i’ll be blogging about what happened each day on set, maybe a few videos taken on the phone to show the rigs and lighting set ups.

Keep up on all the going on by following me on Twitter:   @StephenHallMVP



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