Its Funny How Ideas Happen…

I usually sleep with a pen and paper next to my bed to write down if an idea comes to me in the middle of the night.
Last night I turned off the light and was lying awake in bed for ages when an idea popped into my head. I kept trying to just go to sleep, but the more i tried the more the idea developed…


The idea starts with man sitting in confession, he tells the priest that he’s seeing demons walking among us. We see shots of him looking at people and seeing the inner demons in people, add some relationship troubles and confrontation to shape the idea of can he actually see these things or is he crazy. I want to shoot a few select shots to put together a trailer, then if there is some interest and maybe some money to cover expenses and actors, i can expand it into a 10 min short.

I’ve always wanted to shoot the highlights of a film just to cut to a trailer, basically just shoot all the fun parts/money shots.

So in the excitement i wrote out the trailer as it plays, it seems as if it can be done in a day with a few shots at night. 3 speaking male actors, one female and a hand full of normal looking people that i will change to look horrible with VFX.

Who knows if it’ll get made anytime soon, might try to pull it together in the next two weeks depending on the availability of the actors.

Here’s the deets!

One 25-35 male. 6 foot. intimidating.
One 25-35 male . clean cut. suave.
One 35+ male. to be playing a priest
One 25-35 Female
If anyone in the Limerick area is interested in acting or can help out with anyone who would be interested, call me on 0833127585 or email me:



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