Film Production: 1

So this is one of a few updates i’ll be doing on this project. I came on as an additional camera man / DoP for the last day of shooting, more to just make sure that technically everything was filmed ok.

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First off the amount of work that went into this is incredible and the film will stand as a testament to how asking for favors, chancing your arm and shear perseverance really pays off.

The set was built in a unused warehouse, fully dressed and easily able to be broken down and moved (which we did later). The attention to detail was fantastic, there were things in the room that most people will never see, like cigarette packs on the floor ash trays under bark chips but it all forms a powerful picture over all.

So heres the technical stuff;

They had been shooting on;

5D Mark 2


550D (not hacked)

Lenses used were mostly a few 50mm’s and the 24- 105 canon F4.

Used my gh2 with my usual bunch of lenses, the samyang and helious were used the most i would say.

When all the coverage was shot for the room we had to undress the set, take it apart and put it back together outside because we would set it on fire.
The idea is that the mans depression is taking hold of him and he cant see that his wold is physically burning around him.

The fire brigade were on hand to help us safely pull this off, it was important to have them because we would have had injuries on set without them. They carefully used petrol to shape the fire and when the actor got off set, he threw a container of petrol to the back wall and gave the fire a ferocious boom!

We had 5 cameras all on the long end of the lenses fixed and i had one on a zacuto shoulder mount. I used the HDR function  (Seen Above) on the last magic lantern hack. It worked ok, i probably should have selected a bigger bracket, but it gives me a little room to maintain the highs and lows as the fire grew.

The fire got so big that we had to move everything back , the heat had weakened a stand and one of my redheads got a nasty knock off the floor and another redheads bulb blew from the heat, not bad considering the shoot!

So now we have the edit to do, im really looking forward to it! It’ll be myself and the show runner Deborah Mc Donough editing the piece.

As the piece starts to take shape and im allowed to release more info i will.

It was a fantastic experience and well done to Deborah for this amazing feat for her first film! Incredible!



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