First footage from the GH3…

Here it is as promised the short from Philip Bloom and Bruce Logan

Hit the jump for my opinion on the footage…..

First off let me say… it looks great… not incredible but great. There is definitely an improved dynamic range but in the opening scene in the motel room the highlight roll off is not very nice to look at!

all the on the city stuff look lovely very filmic and just lovely! At the same time though i found the some of the motion to look very video-y. Like the car speeding away and the cop running to the car, i found most of it to look very digital and unfilmic.

Where i found most of my issues was with the night stuff. We already know that this isnt a low light camera, so im not expecting it to be like the 5d or anything but it was quite noisey, exposed perfectly, but it was pushing the sensor. At a few points i could see banding……… I hope its not as bad as the banding can get on the GH2….. Maybe a future hack can fix it?

But from what i can see, over all it is a big step up from the gh2. the form factor is what’s drawing me to it the most, i can feel like im holding something substantial in my hands when filming rather than a small toy!

Again, this is a vimeo compressed file and it is hard to judge based on that. Lets put it like this, if this is the launching pad for the the geniuses at Personal View to start hacking, imagine how far this camera can be pushed.
All you had to do was say “XLR, Bigger Form Factor and Battery Grip” and i was sold on it. My expectations may have been a bit high, over all the footage looks great though, especially the daytime street and the train stuff (day and night scenes)

Over the next few weeks im sure there will be bits from philip and no doubt EOSHD’s Andrew Ried will find little gems somewhere, so keep posted on their sites and here!

Not long now til’ we get our hands on it!



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