Black Magic and Pocket Cameras- News Round Up!

I Just bought the camera that will more than likely eclipse my gh2 and burry my 550D (RIP) . Click more to see a round up of all the news I’ve been keeping up on…

Monday night I made the leap! I bought a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera. At the moment its just a deposite, July is the expected delivery date, but based on the previous delay with the 2.5k version, they will have to make this date on time! We have an active Micro Four Thirds mount! I can use my 20mm Lumix f1.7 (I was just about to sell it). Because of the crop factor that 20mm will now be 60mm.

We get a headphone jack and a mic in. Then they put a micro HDMI, Damn, another cable to buy.

But the choice of battery makes up for it!

Can Buy 2 of them for €9.95 

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 00.57.06

So I decided to do a round up of all the content that I’ve found through my investigation

Heres the specs;

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

  • Super 16 1080 HD Sensor
  • 13 Stops of Dynamic Range
  • Shoots 23.98/24 and 29.97/30 fps
  • Active m4/3 mount
  • Visually lossless compressed CinemaDNG RAW and ProRes 422 (HQ) to SD cards
  • 12.48 x 7.02mm active sensor area
  • Shipping in July for $995
  • 3.5″ LCD touchscreen
  • Removable Battery
  • Built in Stereo Mics
  • LANC, micro HDMI with overlays

So this 13 stops of DR is going to be amazing, compared to what I’m used to. But what I’m really excited about is the Cinema DNG RAW. The only down side is an obvious one though, need loads of SD’s! the 32 gig cards ive been using with the GH2 will only give me about 20minutes of ProRes 422 and about 7 and a half minutes of RAW. So that means I’ll need to buy a few more SD’s at least a 64gig or a 128gig.

They can be bought on ebay for an ok price. not that cheap on my budget but still do-able.

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 00.27.18 Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 00.27.22

SanDisk 128 GB 45MB/s 

SanDisk 64GB 45MB/s

Some stuff from News Shooter

John Brawley has an amazing post on not only this but the 4K Production Camera too!

Currently the prototype camera I have records only in ProRes 422 @ 10 bit, just like the BMCC. The plan is to add a NEW compressed RAW implementation of DNG. The spec allows for this be lossless (not lossy) and at 1.5:1 – 1.2-:1.

As I mentioned the Pocket cinema camera also has an interchangeable battery and records to regular SD cards. Though you can’t get away with any old SD card. I’ve been using only the SanDisk Extreme Pro 64Gb. Like we’ve discovered with the SSD’s, they aren’t all created equal, even when the specs say they are. BMD are doing the research right now on this so expect to see a list of SD cards that will be recommended.

Fresh DV, currently paired with NoFilmSchool for NAB Coverage have another video with BM

EosHD has a very comprehensive look at not only the sensor but it talks about why it will ship in july,

Once I get it, I’ll be posting about how im going to set my rig up and try to get away from the mostly impractical from factor



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