I’m Back… Film Limerick is here

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. A lot has happened. Here’s a quick run down of some of the projects over the past year.

Film Limerick

One of the biggest projects that I was part of in 2015 was the Film Limerick Trilogy. It is a trilogy of short films that tell the story of life in limerick with an interconnected story weaving through them.

I was the Director of the second film in the trilogy ‘DAY OFF’. It was a lovely short with a hard hitting heart that will make you think about how ordinary people live complex lives.

We had a fantastic cast and crew. Playing our leads, we had Dawn Bradfield (The Clinic, King Arthur) and Joe Mullins (Pilgrim Hill, Glasslands). We had a lovely bunch of familiar faces too, right from limerick city like Myles Breen, Joanne Ryan and Madeline Mulqueen.

It was a big project and therefore added pressure but it was made a lot easier by the crew who worked really hard to get the film over the line. It was a 4 day shoot with a very small crew. A few stand outs are Paddy Jordan our DoP, Niall Owens our 1st AD, Frank Boland our Head of Art Dept. and Greg Burrows our Sound Recordist. I’m so happy with the way not only how they worked individually but how we all worked together.

So much so that we are assembling the team again for our next film RUBBLE- Check it out below

Some Pics Below


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