GH4- ‘M-Log’ Field Test

After Panasonic confirmed that they are working on a V-Log profile for the GH4, a lot of us were waiting anxiously to see what the profile could do for us film makers who want a little more from the color response of the camera.

The V-Log profile is a bit of a wish as it stands because there is no release date or hope of one soon. While in one of the GH4 forums, I saw that Matt Mosher had come up with a new combination for the cameras Cine Like D as a response for the delay with V-Log, calling his own version ‘M-LOG’. I decided to try it out on my next two projects. Here are some frame grabs and some very quick bits of footage.

Opinion time:

I think its a little hit and miss. The big problem with Cine Like D is that it makes skin tones very strange and hair brittle looking. This still happens here. Of course the skin tines can be fixed, you can grade around it but that is another thing to have to work around with this camera. The other issue I have found time and time again in the camera, is the shadows can have a lot of noise, actually anything that has black in it (pants, jackets, t-shirts etc). Once you crush the blacks a little it will get rid of this (within reason).


I know this is a little bit of a moan but can we just get a camera that doesn’t need so much re-jigging? I know there will never be the ‘perfect camera’, we have a pretty incredible camera here though, the problem that is weighing me down with the camera is the low light response but hey, I can live with that, the result is that it deals with the shadows/blacks in a terrible way, my term is ‘caked in noise’. Since really getting to know this camera it is a lot less ‘caked’ but there seems to always be something to have to work around. If they could make the GH3 with 4K, V-Log and 96fps we have the perfect camera in that budget, that’s what the GH4 should have been!


Would this be my go to setting? No. But will I keep it in my tool bag as my preferred ‘Cine D’ combo? Yes. It is one of the least defective and destructive settings I’ve seen with Cine Like D.

Saying all of that I’m quite happy with the look of the footage. Have a look at the stills below and don’t forget to check out the excellent Film Assets in my Shop to give your project the Film Look

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Source of article info

GH4 Stills

dr 2 shv dr3 cf shv 1 cf2 dr shv1 cf shv 2 P1250279.MOV.10_30_10_19.Still001 shv 3




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