Just got the Ronin M – First impressions


After researching the many different low budget gimbals, I decided to go with the Ronin M. I was weighing the Ronin M against a few others. I’ll list them below.


1. DJI Ronin M
This one has a proven track record, minimal messing around with settings, auto leveling feature, a remote for 2 operator set ups and has an easy control app for your smart phone. Some of the draw backs; Its more expensive than the other options in my budget, accessories are expensive and you do not get a box or carry case.


2. CAME-MINI2 Gimbal
Small set up, tool-less set up, comes with a carry case and is affordable.  Some of the drawbacks; Not as trusted and established a brand and can not handle as heavy a load as the Ronin.


Light and portable, affordable, easy to travel with (if i wanted to take it on a plane or abroad), has a built-in joystick control and comes with a carry case. Some of the drawbacks; can only take a 1KG load. (My GH4 +Speedbooster+sigma 24mm lens= almost 1KG, so not a lot of room for other set ups or heavier cameras)

The decision came down to a couple of factors

I have went down the route of buying a cheaper more complicated option to save a bit of money and I feel I have been stung almost every time.  I bought the DJI because with that I’m buying it from a real shop and from an established brand.

Being able to mess with settings and fine-tune the motors ‘on the go’ with the app was a big selling point.  it is extremely customisable and gives you a lot more control. The other ones do not have this.

Auto leveling setting. This. Is. Brilliant! If you are in a rush and cant quite get the balance totally perfect, this will correct it for you. OBV always balance your rig but it just gives you the ability to get set up faster. The other ones do not have this.

Can take a heavier load. (3.6KG). Meaning I can put on a black magic, F7 or RED etc.



Since I got it I’ve used it on 2 projects. I cant post footage yet but it has been a mix bag. The big problem is that as you start to walk the Roll axis starts to drift and your shot quickly turns into a dutch angle.  Re-balancing, fine-tuning with the app and calibrating the motor helps this but its still not perfect.

When using it in the inverted mode it balances it self on a dutch as you flip it. I dont know the solution for this, so I just use the remote to correct the roll axis.


***This seems to be a common problem and can be fixed when you update the firmware***

More coming on what I will be using for transport with the rig. no, not a pelicase… Some thing much more affordable.






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