About Steve

Writer, Director, Cinematographer and Visual Effects Artist.

Here is where you can find my latest work, be it Film, Commercial or Music videos

I bring a real passion, energy and dedication to your project no matter how big or small it is. I  will always deliver the absolute best that I can every single time.

I’ve always loved writing and directing. I loved film from an early age, often making my own small ‘backyard epics’ with my friends. I entered the industry in 2011. My first commercial work was for the popular beer company ‘Becks Vier’ with ‘Ways to Roam’. This was their national advertising campaign in late 2011. While chasing an honours degree in The Limerick Institute of Technology I wrote and directed several short Films that would go on to Win in national and international Festivals. The two most popular films being ‘UpGrade’ and ‘Sinners’. UpGrade was my first win for a short Film, winning Best Cinematographer at the Limerick Film Festival in 2013.

Despite being made in 2013, my little short ‘Sinners’ won the international HorrorBlock Film Festival 2015. Winning me $10,000 and securing a distribution Deal under ‘Bloody Disgusting’ and ‘Nerd Block’ meaning my film will ship to over 100,000 homes internationally.

In 2014 I decided to serialise the Short Film UpGrade into a 5 episode mini series and Write/Direct/Shoot/Cut an additional 30minutes of Film. On the tail end of completing the film, it spawned a new project that shared a similar theme which was shortlisted for RTE’s StoryLand. In the end the project was not selected but I was them Hired on a different StoryLand that year as the head Visual Effects Artist, on Brian Deane’s (Volkswagon Joe) ‘CTRL’.

Having worked on projects for RTE/Irish Film Board, Film Offaly and City of Culture in 2014, I was Selected as the Director film Film Limericks ‘Limerick Lives Trilogy’ where I had the incredible experience of being mentored my acclaimed Writer/Director Gerry Stembridge. I had the pleasure of Directing a fantastic cast and crew and established strong ties to the industry.

Which brings us to RUBBLE. This will be my 5th time writing and directing and 6th time producing a short Film. Rubble will be a very different story and an exciting challenge for the fantastic cast and crew. I love high concept, I like stories that push the boundaries of genre and have a visual flair for creating stories that draw you in and hold you there. RUBBLE is one of those films that will make you feel the panic and fear even if you are watching on just your laptop screen or the big screen itself!

If you would like to Support the film Please check the Link Below


I am currently writing several projects for various mediums, including potential StoryLands, Shorts and a Feature.

Contact Steve on 0833127585


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