Feature Films

Amy begins working the night shift in a hotel with a dark past.  A string of murder that took place 10 years ago haunts the grounds of the hotel.  After learning of the flesh obsessed murderer from her co-worker Adam, Amy takes on a new found fear of the night, before finding herself trapped on the fifth floor, force to relive the horrors of that gruesome night.  She must band together with the victims of the past and present to escape the evil force of the blood craved killer.




Short Films


RUBBLE (2015)

Descend into a claustrophobic nightmare where a man and his friend have been trapped under a building that has collapsed on top of them. We find Frank pinned with a massive cement boulder on his chest he must fight to stay alive and try to save his friend.



UpGrade Short Film (2013)

Set in the near future the police have memory recording implants. The story centres around detective John Clancy, he uncovers a new designer drug which in turn has crime boss Volcana gunning for him; putting his family’s and his own life at risk. John must go beyond the law to protect his family and bring the evil Volcana to justice.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 00.12.37

Sinners (2013) ***International Winner***

What are your sins?
A man shares his sins at confession, where we find he is not only a sinner but the righteous one.


Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 00.04.48

The Pull (2014)

Have you ever liked your best friend? Hapless James tries it on with his best friend Sarah when she lets him in on an earth shattering secret from his past.



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