The GH2 Shooter- A Guide

The GH2 shooter Vol. 1 is a guide for people switching over from traditional camcorders to shooting on HDSLR’s. It explains all the inns and outs that are essential to shoot amazing video on not only the GH2, but all DSLR’s.
There are GH2 specific information that will show you how to utilise this amazing camera and realise its full capibility.

This guide is aimed from begginner right through to the advanced level.

Whats in it?

  • Explanations- ISO, Shutter, Appeture, picture profiles
  • The best settings for all of the above.
  • My Favorite lenses for the GH2
  • tips on shooting work flows and cinematography
  • An extensive reference for difficulties that you may find with the GH2
  • How the camera compares to others
  • Technical limitations and image processing with-in the GH2 (eg. color space,4:2:0, AVCHD, etc)
  • Best set up for Sound
  • Best Rigs, set ups and other equipment
  • Editing, Grading and  Post workflow (including best settings for uploading to the web)

I’m currently finishing this off. Ordering through Paypal will be available soon.


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